Raphael „Here Comes The Soundblaster – Mixtape“ presented by Sentinel Sound


Sentinel Sound – Raphael – Here Comes The Soundblaster (Mixtape) (Download)



(00:00) Here Comes The Soundblaster [Mixtape]
(00:45) Catch The Vibes (feat. Lion D) [Dubplate]
(02:30) In My Backyard
(03:44) Stay Ruff [Dubplate]
(04:55) What About Us (feat. Skarra Mucci)
(08:57) Here I Come
(11:46) In Love With The Ras
(12:54) Police In Helicopter (John Holt Tribute)
(15:03) World A Crumble
(17:02) Are you ready (feat. Blackout JA)
(19:40) Duppies Inna Dance
(21:50) Soundblaster [Dubplate]
(25:00) No Haffi Bother [Dubplate]
(27:10) If Jah Is With You [Dubplate]
(28:48) Dance With Me
(29:53) Hard Life
(31:15) Bang Bang (feat. Nancy Sinatra)
(32:48) Thank You Lord Riddim Medley *
(34:31) Big Draw
(37:27) For Sure
(38:00) What A Blessing
(39:14) Cool Breeze [Dubplate]
(40:17) Good Old Vibes
(42:25) My Way
(44:13) Boasters
(46:30) Laid Back
(49:05) Mind Vs Heart (Acoustic)

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